Stories for the Grandkids ~ A Weenie Dog Adventure

My name is Winston and I’m four months old. I weigh six pounds and I have long blonde fur, green eyes, and a pink nose. I am the smallest furkid in our family. My big sister, Li’l Red is three years old and, you guessed it, she’s red! Red is the oldest furkid and she’s super smart. We live with our two sisters, Mina, who is three also, and Dixie, who is nine months old.

About three months ago, Mom and Dad moved us way out into the country. We live about a half mile from the big paved road. We have a huge yard to play in. We get to run without leashes and sniff all kinds of sniffable stuff. We like to chase squirrels and mice from the field behind us, and dig for moles. The only time we leave the yard is to visit our neighbor, Ms. Jessie Mae who is 100 years old. (I like numbers; can you tell?) When we are at her place we like to chase her cats. Sometimes her son, Mr. James, who is our other neighbor, works on his vehicles and we go over there and bark and bark at his tools. It’s a lot of fun.

When Mom calls us to go in we run as fast as we can; mostly cause we think we can con her out of treats. She gives us a snack every time, but she usually tricks us and ends up making us stay inside for a while. That is when we nap to get energy to play outside again later. We have a happy life, but sometimes it just gets a little boring.

Yesterday was just a normal day ’til Li’l Red smelled somethin’ weird in the yard. She put her nose to the ground and she suddenly started running really fast down the road. I thought it looked like a really fun new game so I followed her. We went on a very long run, stopping every once in awhile for Red to teach me how to sniff those funny looking marks in the soft dirt. Red says they are deer tracks. I hope when we find this “deer” it wants to play!

After a while we were very far from home. I could not see our house or our yard. I could only see a lot of plants that were really tall, and not much nice soft grass at all. There were lots of sticky things getting caught on my long fur. I didn’t mind, though; I was having too much fun. We could hear Mom far away. She was calling us. She sounded kind of mad and worried and sweet all at the same time. We knew she was a human so she would be ok without us for a while. We ran and played and looked for those tracks. Then we couldn’t hear her calling us.

About five hours later we decided we were really tired and thirsty. And we still never caught up with that deer thing with the weird paws. I started to be a little afraid ’cause it was gonna get dark soon. But Red was brave. She sniffed the air and sniffed the ground (her sniffer works really, really good). She took us home a different way through a huge plowed field. Then we saw Mom. She was at the edge of the woods looking at the deer tracks and our tracks that went from our front yard, way down our dirt lane, and off into the woods. Red called to Mom but she didn’t hear us, so I helped call her. Then she heard and saw us.

Usually Mom doesn’t move very fast because her knees hurt a lot, but yesterday she must have forgotten they hurt ’cause she was going really fast to see us and was smiling and crying and calling our names. She let us inside after she picked us up and checked us all over. We drank lots and lots of water and then we rested in Dad’s recliner. I don’t remember much after that cause my eyes kept wanting to sleep. I did hear Dad get home from work and Mom told him we had a big afternoon adventure and she just about had a heart attack. I don’t know what a heart attack is but I’m pretty sure it means she loves us so much her heart wanted to explode.

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