How to keep doing the work

Protestor holding a sign that says “OUR VOICES COUNT.”

For many, 2020 has been a time of increased civic awareness and involvement, whether we focused our energies on helping our neighbors deal with Covid, living more ecologically sound lives, joining in the fight for racial justice, or just devoting our attention to the election as if everything hinged on…

Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate is a true lesson in leadership

I don’t know about you, but last week I was depressed about the Veepstakes. It felt like a redux of the bruising gender politics of ugly elections past. And then, suddenly, there was a pick: Kamala Harris! And my weltschmerz vanished — not just because Harris is a soul-liftingly historic…

“Bridgesplaning” might be annoying, but sometimes it has a purpose

A photo of a slightly disgruntled woman looking at a man talk, waiting for him to finish.

There’s a classic Saturday Night Live sketch called “The Chris Farley Show,” in which Chris Farley fumbles his way through an interview with the music legend Paul McCartney: “Remember when you were with the Beatles, and you were supposed to be dead?” asks Farley. “That was a hoax, right?”


“SNL At Home” reminded me of Nov. 17, 2007 — the only other time the show was forced out of 8H

I watched “SNL At Home” last night, knowing it would be special, and historic. In Saturday Night Live’s 45-year history the show has only left Studio 8H three other times — for in 1976 to make way for NBC election coverage, in 1977 to broadcast a Mardi Gras special from…

Gabrielle Union’s ouster from ‘America’s Got Talent’ shows it’s sometimes necessary to be ‘difficult’

In the appalling case of Gabrielle Union’s removal from America’s Got Talent by NBC, “A source close to the production disputes that Union was fired,” reports Yashar Ali at Vulture, “and specifically that she was fired for being perceived as ‘difficult.’”

There it is, in all the news stories: that…

Rachel Sklar

Writer, entrepreneur & activist. Founder of and Change The Ratio. Just here to elevate women & sing showtunes. Find me @rachelsklar on Twitter/Insta.

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