Stop Asking Quiet People Why They’re So Quiet
Brittany C.

It depends on how quiet. If you can sit with someone and never say anything for hours, days, and months. Then you let the person talk on yet you never share then it is a one way conversation with myself. It is like your holding a grudge and have some deep resentment with the world and you look like it. Obvious there is a difference between shy and quiet with groups compared with family members, and friends. Maybe for years neighbors and coworkers asked you the boring lets not get to know each other questions because you get offensive if you actually gave a personal viewpoint. Perhaps they are not aware yet that you never share and you repeat what they said back to them the following day, week, and month to never give your own opinion. Then when someone notice your quiet, you get mad because someone noticed and asked why your so quiet. How would your co-workers and friends who never noticed that you only state what they said in previous conversation back to them in a later conversation would think about you. Know doubt when people catch on they are gone. Perhaps, you shared ten years ago that no one really wants to hear you speak they only want to hear themselves speak which is a myth. Then fifteen years goes by and you still do the something! You sit on the sofa and say nothing for days but now you have a game to play to avoid conversation. You might share something on the news or where you went but you do not want to have long conversations with anyone. You neglect to realize that someone who sit with you every night and spends most of their time with you well start to feel they are pulling teeth to get a conversation with you. Naturally people well feel as if they are wasting their time and really do not know you at all. They might feel you are a liar with life and them. The above is an example and not aimed at the author of this story but hopefully she will see there is a difference between being in a group and naturally being quiet or slight shy versus someone who is suffering from extreme quietness.