Apples Aren’t What They Used to Be

Well meaning article, but I have issues with it. Blanket statements are made based on food fears and a lack of the basics regarding the agricultural industry and modern food practices. Our food supply today is much better than years ago. Thanks TO the modern practice of storing apples in cold storage for longer periods of time means we can enjoy apples out of season. The season for apples is September through November….although some areas peak before this.

In order to meet our demand for all types of fruit year round, food producers have found ways to store produce year round so you can pick it up at any time of the year. Strawberries should not be available fresh year round, nor blueberries, or even melon, but our demand for ‘right now’ has forced the hand of the agriculture and food production industry.

In addition, new and innovative techniques in food storage have meant the tinned (canned in the US) and flash frozen preserve ALL the nutrients of the fruits and veg. Numerous studies have shown that tinned/canned veg may not look as bright green and luminous as fresh, but all the nutrients have been retained. Same with flash frozen — berries can be preserved year round at their peak. If we were to ‘eat with the season’, you would find your winter months sorely lacking unless you make your own preserved at home — jam, dilly beans, etc…. as my grandma did. Yes, I recall in the winter walking in her massive pantry with all sorts of preserved veg and fruit.

Also, my grandma didn’t only demand chicken breast and the finest cuts of meat, they made do and ate the ‘other’ parts of the animal that most folks today (unless your a ‘foodie’) would snub their noses at. Meat was also expensive, as it was not done on the industrial scale it is today. Lots of the meat consisted of ‘sausage’, grinding all those ‘other’ bits together with spices.

My own mother, on the other hand, spent her young adulthood and early marriage fixing convenience foods for the family — all ready made, as was the fashion for the late 70's/early 80’s. Lots of Hungry Man frozen dinners on tv trays, Hamburger Helpers, and if we had a salad, god forbid, it was a wedge of iceburg lettuce with bacon bits smothered in ranch dressing. It was a far far cry from the methods of her own mother.

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