Rachel, I appreciate the work you’re doing to fight for equality in the tech workforce.
Alice Steinglass

Hi Alice, I appreciate your thoughtful response. I think the work that you’re doing at Code.org is valuable and important. I attended a poor public high school in Texas and know that I was unusually lucky to have access to AP Computer Science (the teacher left a year or two later and my school stopped offering it). I want organizations like Black Girls Code, Code.org, Girls Who Code, and others to have access to all the funding they need, but I also feel frustrated with the way that tech companies use those donations as a shield to avoid evaluating their own cultures and practices.

I want the students that you are helping now to have access to engaging jobs, and not be passed over because of hiring bias or mistreated once hired, and a lot of cultural change needs to happen for that to be possible. I would hate for Facebook’s donations to stop conversations about the substantial work they need to do.

Again, thank you for taking time to respond in a thoughtful way. I’ve sent you a linkedin request with my email address and would love to continue this conversation.

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