Peacebeam — A tech start-up improving your daily grind

Peacebeam — Change your day, change the world.

In 2016 in London on a cold winters day I co-founded Peacebeam a mindful/ kindful tech start up with 4 other amazing humans. Bought together by Jane Murray Peacebeam’s Founder we bonded over a shared frustration and common interest… the London commute where cramped sardine like quarters have become the norm, friendly eye contact a thing of the past and the chance of securing a seat almost as likely Trump winning at election… ohh wait that happened — well you get my point.

With large amounts of optimism in tow we set out to better understand the core frustrations with the commute and deliver an app based solution to improve the daily grind faced by so many.

Peacebeam — What Does it Mean?

Peacebeam assists by providing you with audio activations and inspiring quotes, then you do rest by beaming your positive vibes out into the world for others to feel around you.

We’re Not Mindfulness — We’re Kindfullness the Cooler Older Sister.

Peacebeam Animation that I Art Directed working with talented graphic designer Matt


The Commute — CC: London

“The Tube alone handles up to 5 million passenger journeys per day. ” BBC

My 2017 commute East to West London — Stoke Newington to Paddington

What’s it really like you say?

  • Zoning out in order to survive the sardine hustle
  • Plugging into Spotify to drown out mood
  • Hoping for a little WIFI connection so that your social’s update
  • Reading a book or more likely some mag that’s been thrust into your hand as you entered the station

What the expereince definitely is NOT:

  • Getting into a relaxed peaceful state of mind to start the day
  • Sending positive vibes to the person next to you despite their bag literally pushing you into someone else
  • Feeling a sense of empowerment & connection to community you’re in

“In 2016–17 alone 1.7 billion passengers travelled on the British train network.” BBC

This is where Peacebeam comes in…

The Science

These are the times when we most need to access our inner calm, but find it most difficult to do.

Thanks to developments in quantum theory and research into the human electromagnetic field, we can now demonstrate the impact of thoughts and mood and learn how to alter them from a negative state to a positive state fast & effectively.

Form a Habit with Peacebeam

Try one on the bus, the train, the tube or in the traffic and learn how to Notice, Breathe, Activate and Peacebeam.

Start Peacebeaming Today!

Change your day, change the world.

Product Iteration

Wireframing & User Testing

In 2017 we developed our first clickable prototype and tested it on a group of 5 users in London, since then we have iterated and tested several times applying divergent and convergent thinking at every stage of the process.

2017 Wireframes Iteration V1

Next Steps

We’re also exploring blockchain technology to understand how through the App’s subscription model and the users new habit we could build a currency of kind-fulness that gives back to the broader community.

Our Aim

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy.

Through awareness and activation together we can turn that dreadful time of the day into something positive and powerful.

My Role

Currently based in Melbourne I work remotely on Peacebeam to deliver all UX/UI solutions, graphic and digital branding outputs as well marketing strategies. Regular communication and excellent time management allow remain a key member of the Peacebeam team, contributing ideas verbally and visually over email/skype/ trello/ dropbox.

If you’re looking for an experienced digital designer with strong UX/UI knowledge, I’m looking for you. Let’s chat.

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