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A few weeks ago my partner and I returned from an incredible month travelling in South America; visiting Machu Picchu, Peru one of many highlights.

Gaining a fresh perspective is often a side effect of travelling and while my new perspective may have something to do with the fact Melbourne’s geography is flat as a pancake- I know a number of recent travel experiences opened my eyes to areas previously unseen in particular the impact technology and all its convenience is having on us as a society.

Peacebeam — Change your day, change the world.

In 2016 in London on a cold winters day I co-founded Peacebeam a mindful/ kindful tech start up with 4 other amazing humans. Bought together by Jane Murray Peacebeam’s Founder we bonded over a shared frustration and common interest… the London commute where cramped sardine like quarters have become the norm, friendly eye contact a thing of the past and the chance of securing a seat almost as likely Trump winning at election… ohh wait that happened — well you get my point.

With large amounts of optimism in tow we set…

Working in a team of 4x UX designers in a 2.5 week design sprint my colleagues and I were tasked by General Assembly with the opportunity to work directly with Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand (Fairtrade ANZ).

Our brief was to provide Fairtrade ANZ with recommendations and suggestions on how they could improve the overall UX of their current website and create a positive user journey that aligns with their existing marketing strategy.

Key Deliverables:

  • User research, user flows & user journey refinement
  • UX strategy improvements & recommendations
  • Persona review & suggestions
  • Digital wireframe suggestions (mid-fi)
  • Presentation (30min)


Using the…

For our first project as part of the User Experience Design Immersive program at General Assembly, Melbourne we were presented with the task of aligning IKEA’s e-commerce and in-store experience, by re-imagining the Australian website while staying true to IKEA’s brand vision

“To create a better everyday life for the many people”

In this two week design sprint I collaborated with two other UX designers, using the double diamond design method we ensured team work, open communication. time management and the end user were always at the heart of everything we set out to do.

Rachel Kelly

UX / UI — Co-Founder of @peacebeam

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