20% Project? More like 0%.

Recently in my Techniques of Research class, we are working on this project called the 20% percent project. It is molded around Google’s Genius Hour. Every Friday, for the duration of class, we are allowed to think of ideas for this project. The only problem is that I cannot think of anything. Generally, I am a creative person, except for when I am put on the spot.

More recently, I got to thinking about this project, and I finally came up with and idea! I am going to start and organization raising awareness for a nervous system illness called ataxia. I have always wanted to start and organization raising awareness for something, so I could help people. Ataxia is a rare illness and research for it is not government funded. Therefore, I am going to start an organization for it. I have always wanted to start an organization for something, and I am so excited for this!


I have made a rubric regarding what I want to include in my project. Now I am trying to create my website using Google sites, but for some reason Google sites is blocked. I am really aggravated right now because I do not understand why it is blocked. It would be nice if it could be unblocked so I can create my website and be done already.

12/2/2014 Update

I finally got access to Google sites, and I have started to create my website. I have also contacted the director of the National Ataxia Foundation website to make sure it was okay that I do this. Once I got the okay, I have to fill out a fundraising form and mail it to their headquarters. Once I finish my website, I have to email the link to the director so she can put it on the main website.

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