Kill the titles

I have always loved writing for its creative nature and the opportunity to communicate your thoughts into a fabric of self-expression that is completely your own.

But at the same time, I sometimes look at writing with semi-bitter anxiety. I’ve slowly learned over the years that I never can really master the first paragraph of any sort of writing.

Even with creative writing, meant as a source of salvation and therapy to counteract my day-to-day stress and mania that comes with working and school and extracurriculars, the beginning chunk of what I wished to write would hold me back from actually writing what I wanted to share.

As my project towards getting my appetite for writing and therefore creating myself through writing, I decided to simply eliminate that inflexible first paragraph.

I realized that while writing is promoted and described as a total form of limitless self-expression, unique and completely noncomparible to anything else ever produced, we place ourselves and our diverse style in jail cells whenever we follow the rules of writing etiquette. Why does something like expressive writing need etiquette?

As the creators, we control what we produce and what others will read when they choose to read our works, but we do not have control over how they will take from or perceive what we create.

This is the beauty of independence and free-think.