Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I don’t remember exactly what I estimated. I started the weekend with around $200 cash from bf paying me back for our Airbnb. I spent $60–80 on groceries at Trader Joe’s. We had a chill Friday because it was gross out. Saturday morning, he bought me a latte and got a bad haircut, then we went to work on the house. The walls were worse than we thought after the primer showed all the flaws, so we spent a few hours scraping and sanding. Then we saw beauty and the beast at the brew cinema in the chi chi suburb. Our friends got tickets and boyfriend bought me a beer & dinner, then I got our second round after the movie ($7) where we got invited to go to the gun range. Which is how I ended up spending $20 on guest admission for me and the boyfriend, and $40 for a box of ammo to go shooting with several friends. I did not love it, but I now feel a little less nervous being around guns (also just seeing how seriously they all took safety was reassuring). During the show and tell portion, I learned how many thousands of dollars my guy friends have spent on guns! It is a LOT. I got an ice cream sundae as a reward for being brave :) So in all, around $120–140 spent for a low key yet super busy weekend.

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