Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I know this is late, but I’m coming off a crazy week at work and didn’t get to do my usual estimating. I’m going conservative at $100. It’s rainy and cool this weekend, and we have my boyfriend’s son with us. I’m hoping for a lot of cocooning at home, with some adulting mixed in. I have a dentist appointment at 11, and will get groceries afterwards. I’m hoping for $60–75 max there, which feels doable since we have a massive amount of pulled pork leftover from the work potluck on Friday. I’m hoping we’ll finally paint the front room, and boyfriend is going to change the oil in both our vehicles (no idea how much oil is, I will chip in or buy something else for us this weekend). Mostly after 7 straight days of high intensity interaction, i am ready to veg hard.

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