Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I said that I’d spend around $100 this weekend, and I spent about $200 in total. On my visa: $55 at cvs for allergy medicine, a sympathy card, pads, teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth wash. $5 for a meditation class for Wednesday. Also $57.5 for groceries which I ordered via Shipt. I paid $99 for the service, which is being refunded because my experience was so terrible. They were really nice about it, so that helped. On debit, I spent $30 on Saturday for our microdate at a brewery- beers for me and bf, and a split order of totchos from clustertruck (aka the only sharing economy service not to let me down lately). On the way home we split the cost of a bottle of whisky ($30) and watched a movie. On Sunday, I let bf sleep in and me and his son walked to the coffee shop to get breakfast (whole milk & donut for him, latte and delicious breakfast panini for me, plus good coffee for the week) $30. Spent more than I wanted but all in all it was a good weekend.

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