Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I spent most of my Czech money on Saturday- 120 kroner (sp.?) for a street food snack that didn’t live up to the hype; 90 on a ticket to climb a tower at the end of Charles bridge; close to 1,000 on souvenirs (earrings, beer soap, painted Easter eggs); 300 on lunch, which I’ll claim back from work (they wouldn’t take my work card). I borrowed approx 600 to buy a bear figurine at the hotel. I left the remaining coins (160 or so) as a tip for housekeeping. These numbers are all approximate but I exchanged $100 at the airport, so let’s go with that. Sunday was a travel nightmare- i was so sick and weak my boss ended up making purchases on my behalf (oj in Prague, cough syrup and water in heathrow). In Charlotte, I spent $13 on a Lara bar (cashew cookie, bleck), Chex mix (never fails), and water for dinner. Before my last connection, I used my new teledoc app on my phone to video chat a doctor who told me to seek in person medical attention. I did that yesterday, then slept for 15 hours.

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