Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Very bold! BF and I are going to the gym after work, then a game night. We’ll probably pick up a six pack or fill up a growler (if I can remember to do that) on the way ($10–15). Tomorrow morning we’re signed up to go to a dog walking meetup at 10 am, then I’m taking my mentee (and maybe some of her brothers) to a splash park around 2 pm (both free). BF will be working on the house all day, so I plan to pick up some grillout groceries (plus pie ingredients) in the afternoon ($30?) and then we’ll have a cookout at the house. Sunday is blessedly plan free, so I hope to just sleep in and meal prep for the week. If BF gets the kitchen functional by Sunday, I’ll have a s’mores pie and apple hand pies to make as a reward. Rounding up to $50 just to be safe.

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