Feeling your way to success

One of the main tenets of manifestation is that in order to get what you want, you must feel the feeling you will feel when you get what you want. So if you want a new car, think of how you will feel when you get it and then it will make it’s way into your reality. You still have to have the money to pay for it, but your ideal car will come to you so much easier than if you didn’t do anything.

This whole concept seemed really foreign to me for sooooo long. I’m still an analytical, sciencey person at heart. I mean, hell, I was a chemist for 5 years. If you can’t prove it scientifically, it ain’t true. At least that’s what my brain always told me.

But when I came across this concept, that you must feel things in order to receive them, it became this whole new world! I was like, uh no, that can’t be true. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it is definitely true, even from a scientific standpoint.

For example, say you want a cat because having a cat will make you happy. If you spend all your time bitching and moaning and complaining about how your life sucks, you will not be able to see the action that you can take to get a cat that will add happiness to your life, simply because you are focused on all the bad that’s going on in your life. Your brain is just too full of negativity! However, if you make yourself feel happy, even for just a minute, while focusing on that perfect cat, you will get a cat. Trust me, this is what I did to manifest my cat who is sound asleep right next to me.

But the main thing is, you have to make sure that you are feeling the right feeling. All this time that I’ve been practicing this for making money in my business, I’ve been focusing on feeling happy because I thought, making money will make me happy. Well guess what? It was the wrong feeling. I already felt happy, even without making money. I had released the need to depend on money or success for my happiness, so when I was trying to make money by feeling happy, it wasn’t helping. I was happy, but money wasn’t flowing in.

Then it hit me this morning. Happiness was not the core feeling I was going for. Feeling accomplished is my main feeling for making money. Making money means I’m successful which means I’m accomplishing something. It means I’m something to be proud of, which is a feeling I’ve been wanting my whole life. I would have killed to have heard my parents just once say I’m proud of you. The only time I heard it was at my college graduation. And so that is the feeling that I’m most desiring.

And guess what? Once I focused on that feeling, it’s like magic. I have been able to take better action and make better decisions in order to make more sales and get what I want. Since I’ve focused on that feeling, I’ve been offered 2 job interviews (after applying for jobs for 8 months and hearing nothing). By focusing on the feeling of being accomplished, I stopped applying for jobs that don’t fit my skill set (read: retail and barista) and started applying for jobs that did fit my skill set (read: social media manager). I simply shifted my focus and it happened because I was focusing on what type of job would give me that feeling of accomplishment instead of just trying to get a job.

I also had my best day of sales in several months. I was focused on feeling accomplished and so I shared my offer for my course in several groups, which made me feel accomplished. I sold 20 spots to my course in 24 hours, my new record.

I may not take the job if my sales numbers continue like that, but I’m going to keep trying. If I focus on feeling accomplished instead of focusing on how to make money, I know for sure I will make better decisions that lead to making money. Plus I’ll feel awesome.

So if you have been focused on making money, ask yourself what’s the core feeling you want to feel when you make money? Then visualize yourself feeling it. Allow the ideas to come to you and then act on them immediately. Keep doing this process throughout the day and it will lead you to success. I know it seems simple, but it works.

And if it’s not working, you may not be feeling the right feeling. Keep looking for that core feeling!