Supercharge Your Fan Base: Step 4

Love yourself to grow your following.

This one may seem totally out of place, but I found its the #1 most important thing you need to really grow a following.

Why do you need to love yourself to grow a huge following?

Because if you don’t, people won’t want to follow you. Imagine someone who always puts themselves and their products down, says their not very good, says their ugly. Would you want to buy from them? NO!

Now imagine someone who is super hyped about themselves and their products. They are excited to tell you about their super amazing product that is going to change your life! You would totally buy from them because now you are excited about the product.

But then why can’t someone who doesn’t like themselves get people excited about a product? I’ve found that it is possible to do that, but it’s not likely to last. When you get excited for who you are and what you are all about, then its so much easier to get excited about the things you create.

Take me for example. When I first started selling my knit hats, I did not like myself. I had a hard time telling people why they should even buy my hats. I couldn’t find anything good about them, and it’s because I couldn’t find anything good about me. I didn’t like me, I didn’t think I was worthy of having the business of my dreams. I didn’t believe I was good at anything. And so it made it really hard to sell my hats.

But once I started to learn to like myself, selling my hats became easier. The more I liked myself, the more I saw how amazing and awesome my hats were and I was able to talk them up more and more.

Our creations are often an extension of ourselves, so if we aren’t confident in ourselves, we aren’t going to be confident in our creations. And then we aren’t going to be able to sell them.

Last example, I promise!

Imagine going into a car dealership. The guy walks up to you, gives you a limp handshake and then proceeds to tell you that the car you are thinking about is just ok. It’s not that great. I mean, the color is fine. But the engine doesn’t run that well. And the interior is kinda dingy.

You would run away, right?

But what if the car salesman came up to you and started going on about how great the color is, how amazing the engine runs, how fast it can go, how soft the leather interior is.. You would buy it in a heartbeat!

That’s the difference between someone who sells a few of their creations and someone who sells out of their creations.

Get excited about yourself and get excited about your products!

Because you are awesome and what you create is awesome, too!

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