RW Last Minute Gift Guide.

  1. Electric Tea Kettle. I have one and I love it. I also love tea. Nobody ever thinks they needs this but they do.
  2. Zella leggings. You get these at Nordstrom. They are hands down the best leggings you can buy and they cost more than Old Navy leggings, so the woman in your life will love you bought these for her. (True to size.)
  3. Chateau Marmont Candle.Smell the good times all the time. I actually need some of these.
  4. Infinity Cat Scratcher. I received this from a friend and I was skeptical at first. …

At the start of the Jewish New Year, my resolution is to share more about what I’m learning about, obsessed with and how the rabbit holes I plunge into personally and professionally. I want you to be part of the discussion on only my innovation path for work but how I’m innovating my own life. Please share with me topics you’d like me to cover. I’m open to it all!

Affiliate Marketing 2.0

I didn’t learn anything new today. I did, however, learned I function better being comfortable being uncomfortable and uncertainty is OK.

I also learned about the next generation of affiliate marketing.

What I learned Today

I am committing to start to document what I learn each day. I know that somedays that I will not learn or document and those will be days I don’t enter any stories.

Rachel Weiss

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