Icon meals had a 40% off sale for 40 minutes at 4am and 4pm for the 4th of July and I may have gone overboard.

8 Tips for a Smooth Meal Prep

*This is not a sponsored post. I just really love all of these products and want to share them with you all**

A common complaint/ issue that I hear from people is how much time it takes to live a healthy lifestyle vs. eating fast food all the time and not working out. From gym time to meal prepping, many people just don’t think they have the time to commit to it.

I have always been a big believer in “you don’t have time, you make time.” Meaning that if you want something bad enough, no matter how “busy” you are, you will always be able to make it work. However, this is something that takes time to adjust to. Many people are not able to just give up something in order to have an extra hour at the gym or an extra afternoon spent in the kitchen making food right off the bat. For me, It take some time of thinking about what I was spending my time doing and what things I could shorten/ stop doing all together that would free up time for what I really loved. Fitness.

Being a college student and prepping for a show I found a few things that help me stay on my meal plan without taking up too much time.

  1. Buy a pack of cheap meal prep containers on Amazon for easy packaging (15 for around $12). They’re are tons of different options and they are perfect for me because frankly I’m really hard on plastic containers and break them often so I love that these are not expensive.

2. Buy and cook protein, veggies, and carbs in bulk at the beginning of the week and store in the fridge or freezer depending on how soon you plan on eating them.

3. Get a lunchbox big enough to hold multiple meals and keep them cold if you will be out for long periods of time or have class/work and do not get to go home during the day. If you can find one with plenty of pockets to hold utensils, condiments, and water bottles its a win-win. The first one I ever got was JAXX from Groupon. Then my sweet mother upgraded me to a 6-pack mini which I love so much. She also happened to find another lunchbox from Sam’s club which is great because it passes as a purse for times I need to look more professional.


4. Many grocery stores sell pre-cooked food like chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and veggies, for example, either in the deli area or pre-packaged and fully cooked in the refrigerated isles. Perfect for those that do not like to cook or just want the food to be done for them. The HEB “fully cooked” line is one of my favorites.

5. Scoop out protein powder into small snack baggies that way they are pre portioned for easy packing.

6. If you are short on time, portion out and package meals the night before so you can grab them in the morning and go.

Since I have roommates I like to keep all my food on one shelf (as much as possible) so when I’m heading out in the morning I will know where everything is.

7. Always try to keep some sort of snack with you to resist eating out. I always have a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest Bar on hand in case I get stuck away from my food that way I do not give in and go through a drive through or grab a bag of chips.

8. Finally, if you have the money then meal prep services can be lifesavers! I purchased 10 meals and 2 a la cart items from Icon Meals that I can eat now or freeze until I need them. I am not sponsored by them but I used Emily Hayden’s code EHFIT to get 10% off. Other meal prep services I have heard about are Bite Meals and 6 Pack Fit Meals. Although I have never tried those two I have only heard great things.

I hope these tips make eating healthy a little less time consuming. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Summer school may be starting up for a few of you (I know it is for me) so best of luck in all your classes. Until next time!

Rachel White


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