Five Frequently Asked Questions about A Quantity Surveyor!

Many of us have no idea about what quantity surveyors are. This blog will help you in finding out the answers to various questions that we frequently ask. If you have little experience in construction, you often heard the term used as quantity surveyors. A quantity surveyor is a person who manages and oversees all the cost and expenditures related to a building or any property. The responsibility of the assessor is to calculate all the cost and expenses that the company will bear on each portion of the building, and they show us the ways through which we can quickly minimise our cost on it. They play a significant role in the construction industry. He works as the financial management of the construction project.

What are the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor?

A quantity surveyor has to enhance the value of the building keeping in mind the amount of money spent on it. The engineers will check the construction procedure of the building. He will tell that which standards and steps must be followed to meet the minimum statutory building rules and regulations. They will also analyse the areas that can help in maintaining the quality of the building.

For whom the quantity surveyor works?

If you read out the job description of a quality surveyor, you will get to know that those persons who are building or constructing a property will have the services of him. The surveyors London can get their business either from the clients themselves or by the contractor of the customer. It is also their consent to work on the site or not. They can also work in sitting in their office.

Services offered by the Surveyors:

• Allocating related work to reliable subcontractors

• Advising clients and contractors or contractual claims

• Providing progress reports and detailed analysis of estimated outcomes

• Handling payments of finished work

• Understanding health and safety regulations as well as building contracts

What is the annual income of the surveyors?

The salary that you will earn is a quality surveyor will depend on the work experience and your qualification. It also depends on the particular contract you are dealing with. In the UK, the annual income of most of the quality surveyor is 17000 to 25000 a year. A senior class surveyor will make 30000 to 50000 a year.

Other requirements, the surveyor need to fulfil:

Other than the educational needs, you will also need to show proficiency in the following fields:

· Methodological and analytical approach as well as practical and logical reasoning skills

· Problem-solving skills with a unique and creative thinking

· Skill relevant to mathematics and financial management

· Clear, concise writing skills to produce reports on complex information

· Thorough knowledge and understanding of building and construction codes, regulations, and other related matters

Above-mentioned are the answers to few of your asked questions frequently. Now you may not have any ambiguities regarding the quantity surveyors. All the questions have been answered in the blogs.

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