My daughter

Your birth name is Neaveh Leigh Wright. Your my only baby girl. when i found out that i was pregnant with a girl was the happiest day of my life but then i found out that i wasn't going to get to take you home with me after we were both released from the hospital. you were going to be my last child. I already had your brothers and all i wanted after them was you. i never got to put you to sleep in your bed or give you a bath or anything. all i ever got to do was feed you bottles and change your diapers when i got to see you for an hour a week. Then when you were 2 months old you got rsv and when i got the call i rushed up to the hospital to see you and be with you but the nurse at the desk told me that i had to wait for your parents to get there but little did she know that i am your birth mother. I am the one that carried you for 9 months I am the one that got cut up to have you. I am the one that gave you life. but it is like that dont matter. just remember if you ever get to see this one day that i have loved you since the moment i found out about you.

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