A Call To Service

A note to my fellow University of Iowa political science students:

I know I’m biased, but I think political science students are some of the best there are.

We’ve been called to understand the world around us — our government, the politics that control our world, and the people who occupy it.

In almost all cases we also have some type of inherent desire to serve.

If you are graduating with a political science degree, you have successfully fought off all peer-pressure to change your major to business for a more lucrative career. Despite the dread of a getting a post-grad job with an abysmally low starting salary, something has kept you here.

I believe, for most of us, that is a call to service. I hope you will answer that call.

This past year I had the incredible opportunity to represent over 20,000 UI undergraduate students as your Student Body President. My biggest takeaway from this year of service is that we need more young people at the table making decisions about the issues that affect our lives.

My fellow graduates, you are about to enter the “real world” with a degree from a stellar university, a résumé of experiences from your time at Iowa, and a passionate energy to serve. This is a recipe for endless potential. Please make the most of it. Wherever your next steps take you, I hope you feel empowered to make your voice heard. Your voice, service, and leadership is needed in our world.

Best wishes to you for what is ahead!

Rachel Zuckerman, University of Iowa Political Science ‘17