E-Job — The Best Blockchain Based Marketplace to Sell Your Skills

Whether you are looking for someone to get your job done or want to earn money by selling your talent, E-Job is the most reputed, decentralized marketplace that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. You can hire the most talented people for your tasks and also promote your business by offering your services to the global market. It’s a complete package for everyone working online and offline. It provides its users with complete control over everything to ensure ultimate transparency.

The online platform is accessible via computers and mobile devices and available for everyone whether they’re crypto users or not. According to the team at E-Job, the platform is designed to help unemployed people who’re on the lookout for jobs to make ends meet. When it comes to the authenticity, the platform is 100% transparent and safe. Unlike other freelancing platforms available in the market, E-Job utilizes the blockchain technology to avoid pertinent issues such as delayed payment, and fake reviews. Freelancers can rest assured that they’ll get paid on time when they’re working on E-Job platform.

Behind the scene @ejob

Let’s find out what makes E-Job stands apart from the rest:

Payment Security — The platform utilizes Smart Contracts to ensure all the freelancers and professionals using E-Job get paid on time. All the funds are held in advance, meaning you can make sure that you’ll get your funds once the job is completed. In case of a dispute, a team of highly talented experts looks into the matter to resolve the issue in a transparent way.

Fast Fund Transfers — All the payments made on the E-Job platform are processed using a crypto model of exchange to ensure utmost accuracy and efficiency. So, when you’re working with E-Job you can say for sure that your transaction will be processed in a matter of seconds.

No Data Manipulation — It has been observed that mostly freelance platforms available in the market often suspend accounts without any prior warning, creating a catastrophic scenario for people who’ve worked really hard to attain a professional reputation. But this isn’t the case with E-Job where all your issues and queries are listened properly and no one has the access to manipulate your data.

Low Fee Structure — Affordability is another reason behind E-Job’s growing popularity. Its transaction fees are super low in comparison to other traditional freelance platforms that seem to be on a mission to overcharge people. Getting started as a freelancer on E-Job is almost free.

The platform can be accessed and used everywhere in the world. So people specializing in offline or online jobs can advertise their business for free. If you or your friend is on the lookout for a reliable freelance platform, be sure to give E-Job a shot to see if it does exactly what it advertises. For more information, please visit their website or email at contact@e-job.io.

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