BITS Pilani Higher Degree Placements Part 5: Interview No-No’s

From 2015 to 2016, I had the honour of serving as the first Higher Degree Placement Coordinator along with a team of the most hard working and selfless students at Bits Pilani, Pilani Campus. In this series I would be sharing tips and tricks to help the placement unit in helping you land yourself your dream job. This is the fifth article in the series.

A simple google search on how to do well in an interview will give you a lot of results from seasoned writers and you must read a few blogs before appearing for your first interview. In this post, however, I would just highlight a few detrimental points which the interviewer’s have not liked but are very common among all, but specially, higher degree students.

Presentation and Body Language

At BITS, all students are asked to wear suits during placements and a lot of us don’t own one so we rush to the nearest shop and buy the closest thing which has a coat, a shirt and a pair of trousers. One of our batchmates owned a black suit with two big golden flowers on both sides of the coat, no one knows why he did not get through 5 interviews but suddenly got an offer the day he was wearing someone else’s coat — perhaps luck. Read this article for presentation and listen to this talk for body language. You can also skim through my article on General Preparation.

Do not talk fast

Whenever we get nervous, we start talking fast. A lot of students have told this to us after they didn’t get through to the next round of interviews. To avoid doing this — ask a few of your seniors or friends to take mock interviews.

Your interviewer when he asks you about yourself and you finish everything off in a twenty second monologue

Don’t use too many adjectives

You should never state your qualities without any justification. Phrases like “I am a hard worker”, “I am quick learner” or “I am intelligent” will not do you any good at all. You should show your qualities instead of stating them.

You should not be this

Do not go unprepared for known questions

About the company, your strengths and your weaknesses. These, apart from a few others, are a set of fixed questions which can come up any time in an interview — be prepared for these questions. We had instances of students blacking out on these questions and answering things like “I don’t know how to code” or “I work very very hard” for these questions.

You should not be this

Don’t be scared

Remember — your interviewer has come all the way to the institute to give you an offer and not to reject you.

You should remember this

Bob asks whether the interview is ready for him, be like Bob.

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