Visit to Heidelberg

The journey to Black forest was followed by a trip to a small town near Frankfurt called Heidelberg. We had purchased a 15 day continuous Eu-rail pass which would let us take any train at any time in any of the 26 countries that we would have liked to visit. Heidelberg is a cool place having a large castle with great views overlooking a river spanned by several bridges and lots of pretty churches. Needless to add, we were pretty excited about our trip.

As soon as the clock hit 5:30 PM we packed our stuff and left office in a jiffy, the train was supposed to leave at 6:30 from Frankfurt. But all our excitement turned to worry and anxiety as soon as we heard that the train was cancelled soon after boarding it. Disappointed we got down and started inquiring about the alternatives when I found out that I wasn’t carrying my Eu-rail pass anymore. Anxiety turned into fright as I realized I had left it in the cancelled train. Ankit acted instantly and took to his heels to search for it. In a few minutes he returned with the prized possession, the cancelled train hadn’t left the station fortunately. I secured the pass in my bag and made a mental note to not repeat the utter stupidity again.

After arrving, instead of heading straight to the famous castle, we took some time to walk around Heidelberg a bit, just taking in the sights, the music and the ambiance of this 800 years old town along the River Neckar

We were treated with an assortment of sights. As it was evening time, the place was filled with all kinds of people. There were artists working peacefully on the sidewalks, musicians playing melodies, people strolling casually. No one was in a hurry to be anywhere.

Once we reached the Castle tiredness went away in a blink. Situated on the slopes of Königstuhl Hill, Heidelberg Castle stood majestically over the historic Old Town below. The palace is located on a forested hill, its fine architecture and tumultuous history makes it worthy to be in the top attractions of Germany. We found that the palace served as home for most of the Prince Electors of the Holy Roman Empire in the early 14th century. This sandstone palace, well revered throughout history for its beauty, now exists in partial disrepair. A collection of roughed-up buildings remain, each at one time an extraordinary example of Renaissance architecture.

Even though a large portion of it is destroyed, I could still see how grand it used to be.

As the day in Summers are way longer in Europe we had plenty of daylight left when we came back to the old town square for dinner. I loved the way it was brimming with energy. There were plenty of cafes, pizzeria, and bakeries. People were sitting all over the place having wine with their dinner. A couple of people were engrossed in playing folk songs. We walked around to checkout the various cuisines being offered. I, as usual, ordered a pizza. Pizza in Europe has a certain taste to it which is not matched by any pizza chain in India. Maybe its the cheese or maybe the exotic toppings they use, it makes me extremely fond of it.

If someone is visiting Germany I would really advise them to put Heidelberg on their list. Between visiting major cities across the country you can stop here for a respite. Its a place where you can relax quietly while enjoying the sights, the culture, the people…and of course the delicious food & wine.

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