So, what exactly is a ‘designpreneur’?

Ever since I decided to pursue design as a career I knew that eventually I wanted to have my own studio, to have the autonomy of working with clients and on projects that I’m interested in and that excite me. However, I didn’t quite think through the stages of what it would mean to have your own studio or business for that matter, or that I would have to go from using my right brain to my left brain harmoniously and in equal measures.

Over the past few months I, along with my co-founder have been working on setting up a social enterprise, Sisterhood (there’s a whole story on that coming soon). Our social enterprise wasn’t born as a service/product providing solutions to the pressing issues of the world, but rather as a visual communications design project. For past few months, we’ve been working on taking this project and moulding it into a full fledged social enterprise.

In the middle of this process (we’ve been very fortunate to be on an incubator programme with Young Foundation — think intense business school) as well as other initiatives and organisations I have the privilege to be a part of I found two worlds merging, not in the way that there were similarities but in the way how one can shape the other. How the world of social enterprise demands an incredible amount of creativity — it is no longer enough to do business as usual.

So this is where I formed the phrase (though after some research I believe this term does officially exist); however my take on it is such: a designpreneur uses creativity (and design) to develop and innovate new and old systems and structures to provide a service or product that addresses a social need/issue in the world.

This blog serves as a way to record this journey, to sift through and make sense of all the ‘aha’ moments, bumps and all that I am learning. I hope to keep on sharing this with you (internet? people? myself?) in the hopes to learn from you- tips and tricks are more than welcome and to give you an authentic and sometimes raw account of this endeavour I have embarked on.

Have a wonderful week ahead,


P.S At one point I did think about recording this as a vlog, but then my self-awareness kicked in ‘who on earth would want to watch you working day-in and day-out, who do you think you are?’ — so I found that this would be a happy medium (aha…get it?!).