The Story of Sisterhood

This time, almost two years ago I sat around a table with two of my friends from university (we were studying visual communication design at Central Saint Martins) discussing our experiences of being female creatives in this exciting and competitive industry. Long story (many late nights, breakdowns and ‘aha’ moments) short, we created a collaborative project which explored the dynamics (both positive and negative) between females. Our discoveries led us to a hypothesis that women are stronger, better and more confident when we support each other; however our collective experiences were more often than not opposite. So how could we change this?

Thus Sisterhood was born, we launched with a lecture exploring the theme of ‘Practice What You Preach’ and had a wonderful panel of seven women across different ages and professions contribute to this on-going research.

We loved the conversations, ideas and responses Sisterhood lecture bought forward, but we realised that awareness only takes you so far and doesn’t always lead to change. Sure, people change their mindsets but it takes the changing of behaviour for any tradition, culture or society to evolve.

Therefore: Awareness + Action = Change.

As we evolved as individuals and collectively as our own ‘sisterhood’ so did the project, we wanted to put our formula to use. We put our thinking hats on (and with some help from our trusted mentors and well wishers) realised where the sweet-spot of Sisterhood could be.

Today, Sisterhood is a social enterprise that delivers creative workshops in schools for teenage girls to build their self-confidence. We do this by setting creative briefs that ask the girls to create solutions to issues they face around self-esteem.

We fused design and education together as we found that you learn better and retain more when you learn by doing. Which is what design provides, especially design thinking — which is essentially a problem solving process and mindset designers have been trained in order to create solutions. (Don’t worry, that’s also a whole other chapter coming up soon).

We want the girls to be empowered, but not by some external third party but give them the tools to empower themselves and those around them.

Our journey is just beginning, think of this as the preface to our (what we hope to be) very long, adventurous and life changing story. And of course, Sisterhood will often provide the context to this designer turned social entrepreneur turned ‘designpreneur’ saga. Stay tuned.

Have a productive week ahead,


p.s If you know any schools or youth clubs that would be interested in Sisterhood workshops contact us: Also don’t forget to follow: Twitter- @our_sisterhood & Instagram- @oursisterhood. (subtle plug, i know).