A 6-hour Love Story (contd.)

I published the 6-hour love story two weeks ago. From then until now, it’s been confusing, slightly dramatic, fun, weird. It’s hard to describe and understand if there was anything, however small, to begin with. But the ending of that story is clear now — nothing will happen.

I blamed myself for it, even though a close friend told me I had no idea of knowing the truth. The fact is, I had felt this comfortable with another person after a few years. And few years is a LONG time in an age where people move on in 2–3 weeks, even days.

I was so comfortable with him that for the first time in a year or year and a half, I lost my cool and was actually angry. At him. Of course, he thought that I was being hyper as usual since he doesn’t know me enough. Reality is far from that. I came across a line that he’d written elsewhere which made me feel hurt. And then I realized that the time spent together had been a mistake.

I vented out over the phone but obviously it didn’t help. He kept asking me what was the big deal and despite telling him the same reason multiple times, he was unable to comprehend.

None of it makes sense when I look back at those few hours and what followed after that. We were on different pages all along, but I guess I was too happy and comfortable to see the obvious.

**The End**

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