Tell your story…urged Medium.

I stared at the blank space, wondering what to write. What to share. Currently, it doesn’t make sense. The story whose nooks and crannies should have been dusted by now is far from being white and pristine.

It requires work of a different kind. And dedication. But first, it requires me, the writer, to get my act together and do something.

No, I’m not living my life being holed up in a corner, in case you got that vibe. I’m a pretty happy go lucky individual. If you talk to me, you’ll either laugh or smile or think I’m crazy, but definitely not feel melancholy or angry or irritated. See, those are words and emotions I abhor, and will, in whatever ways I can muster, get myself and others away from it. Life is too short to feel those anyway.

Getting back to the topic. My life. I’m resisting change that’s inevitable this year. Why this year? Call it intuition. Or sixth sense. But this is a year that either I will make a change on my own or will be forced to if I prolong it.

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