Starting with ‘Design’ -#3 Untitled. V2

In the last two (#1 and #2) editions of ‘Starting with design’ I talked about how I came up with the idea of untitled and how each of its stages were orchestrated. In this edition I will be writing about what all changes have been made from Version 1 to Version 2.

Untitled .V2


Once I had received feedback about the design of Untitled.v1, I started working towards inculcating the necessary changes which would help me improve my design.



  1. The most conspicuous of all changes is the use of wireframes. Wireframes are simplified sketches that shows the content, layout and design flow of an application. They are primarily concerned with the functional requirements of the design and provide an easy path for early stage testing.While working with wireframes, I also started learning about ‘Screen design basics’ ( From openSAP’s Be Visual! Sketching basics for IT business).

2.The first version of the prototype lacked a navigation bar which made it difficult to make transition between different stages. It was something that my friend who had tested out the first version of the prototype pointed out to me. The second version hence comes with a navigation bar to provide easy transition between the stages for the user.

Comaprison 2

3. The second version also has a next button, something which was missing in the first version. I chose to use the arrow pointing towards right to switch to the next stage rather than a button with next written on it, so the screen doesn’t look congested.

Comparison 3

4. While Untitled.v1 was more of a visual representation of an idea, Untitled.v2 deals with adding practicality to the design. The width and height of all the tabs(or buttons) made on the wireframe is actually designed keeping in mind that the user can use them effortlessly.

The next phase would be testing out this low-fidelity prototype (Untitled.v2).

I would love to hear from you guys about any suggestions and feedback that can help me improve.

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