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UX Designer @Google //

You don’t have to spend 💰💰 and it isn’t rocket science

Animation stolen from Pablo Stanley

1. Learn about other roles that fall under UX design

Lessons I’m taking with me as I begin a new design role at Google

My first Sketch plugin to help you with annotations

In most cases, there is back and forth between teams and design ends up changing.

That’s where Timestamp

Imagine UberPool for UberEats

UberEats simplifies ordering food


Things I learned after my first year of working in retail

Picture from

1. Where to dig? Define the problem scope.

I loved decorating the fish tank!

…and why

1. The first impression — Let me guess, are you a designer?

TL;DR: ‘Subtract’ two ovals to form the outline of the donut and ‘Mask’ it with a rectangle of appropriate size.

Step 1: Create an oval of desired size

Step 2: Duplicate the oval into another of small size and subtract the two


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