A race, a lazy race. A glorious race.

One races after another. It’s neck-to-neck. Gravity is the enemy and the friend. Uncompromising and unrelenting. Obstacles lay in front. The sun is the enemy. Not the friend. The thin veil of murky grey clouds offer the bare minimum. A sliver of protection from annihilation. Trails are being left behind in their wake. Beautiful trails and beautiful patterns, framed against the lethargic occurrences of a rainy day.

One crashes and burns against the windowsill, ending its short yet glorious life. Oops. Poor rain drops. And you thought insects had short lives.

Rainy days are welcome sights in Boston. Everything seems to slow the f**k down. Cars, whether it’s caution or leisurely admiration, glide at a slightly-faster-than-glacial pace. Tires slowly shifting direction, skidding and lapping up puddles of fresh water. Gorgeous drops shower careless pedestrians and bewildered pets, causing squeals of joy and surprise. Eyes take over the brain, slowly tugging at their lids, wanting to shut. Breathing slows, trying to take in the scent of completely pure air, mud and joyous plants. Beds become even more seductive than before and warm food nestles itself in your slippery insides, curled up in comfort and warmth.

Even coffee fails. Coffeehouses fail. Oddly, the incessant conversations that usually spur productivity now adopt a sluggishly happy tone, with tinkles of laughter unceremoniously punctuating dialogue. People seem to have suddenly learned table manners, with the clattering and scraping of silverware fading into a background of pencils and keyboards. Yes, rainy days bring forth the novelist in everyone. Or at least the self-reflector in everyone.

What is it about rainy days, open highways, naked sunsets and infinite coastlines that make us reflective? Maybe it’s a primal reconnection with nature, reminding us of the scope of things. Maybe we can finally peak through the digital haze into the thing that first bore us. Our planet, and our inextricable connection to it.

Whatever it is, today is a lazy day. Today is a slow day. Today is a rainy day. Rain can do that. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s Sunday and I have Norah Jones on repeat.

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