Dear Arun Jaitley, Don’t Get Intoxicated With Power.

My reaction to Arun Jaitley’s blog

हमने तय किये है मंज़िले कुछ इस तरह, की गिर पड़े, उठ खड़े और चल दिए…

~पंडित जवाहरलाल नेहरू

Politics is transient. The Indian National Congress was working for the people of India, even before Arun Jaitley was born and will continue to do so. Elections come and elections go, the will of the people shall remain. The Congress party has always graciously respected the will of the people with folded hands and bowed our heads to the mandate of the people. The hallmark of a vibrant democracy is that people exercise their opinion in the ballot, and a responsible political party should accept that with humility. But the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is now intoxicated with power is displaying utmost disdain to the mandate of the people by drum beating its arrogance. It is the constant struggle of the Indian National Congress for the people of India which has made us survive for over a century now. Congress has always been gracious in victory or in defeat.

The Congress party is the Natural Party of Governance and we will constantly work for the people to remain that. Even Arun Jaitley admits that. Chest thumping, brow beating, pompous behaviour, smugness are characteristics belonging to the BJP- and let them indulge in that.

Winning elections is only the first step, governance and fulfilling the expectations of the people is the next. In the past 2.5 years of Modi Government — the nation has witnessed how the Narendra Modi and the BJP have constantly failed on his tall promises which he made to the voters. The ever vigilant voter is counting the number of jumlas, day by day which the Modi Sarkar is delivering it. They are keeping count of failures and let downs. Be it the tall promise of 2 Crore jobs or the promise of 100 SMART Cities. Be it Adarsh Gram or the promise to end corruption. Be it empowering the women or the youth. Be it education, health, welfare of soldiers, protecting the environment- Modi Sarkar has been an abysmal failure on all fronts. ‘Schemes’ have only become ‘Slogans’. ‘Promises’ have only become ‘lip service’ and Welfare has only become ‘Events’

It is grossly ironic that Arun Jaitley who ‘brazenly justified disrupting Parliament as a legitimate tactic’ and as a ‘Parliamentary instrument at his command’ on August 28, 2012 (

BJP should be the last party to talk about Dynasty Politics. Their long list of candidates in Uttar Pradesh and in other states is a testimony to the hypocrisy which Arun Jaitley and his party so shamelessly exhibit. Sons, daughters and kins of their Ministers, MP’s and MLA’s are fighting and have time again fought elections and this old manufactured bogey of attacking us ‘Dynasty Politics’ is now way passed its usage.

Jaitley ji, in his blog has continuously referred to the word ‘fringe’- Let us remind Jaitley it takes only a ballot to designate a political party from ‘fringe’ to mainstream’- A 2 MP BJP can become a 282 MP party and vice versa. My free advice to Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley is not to indulge in boastfulness and respect the mandate of the people, otherwise who knows they will again become a 2MP party and be designated as ‘fringe’.

The people of the 5 states- Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Goa have already made up their mind. They will give a befitting reply to the forces of ‘Division’ (i.e BJP) and will only go for ‘Vision’ (i.e INC). They will reject the divisive politics of BJP and will vote for progressive policies of the Indian National Congress. March 11 is not far.