3 reasons I would Thrive in an OPEN organization

Opposed to the norm of centralizing a CEO’s idea and having it trickle down to the vast majority of the rest of the company an OPEN organization utilizes every employee and every idea. The result… More INNOVATION in the work place. The more innovation the more ideas will flow resulting in a more profitable company.

  1. Open organizations are based on personal abilities and achievements rather than a voting system. MERITOCRACIES not democracies. The use of OPEN organizations favors an individual who anticipates moving UP in the company. These companies move from the bottom up rather then from the top down. Any one who has an idea is encouraged to promote and benefit the company. Personally I am an innovative individual, thus proving I work best in an OPEN organization.
  2. OPEN organizations encourage more people to get involved on a specific project. This allows for the “common” employees have a say on some of the big decisions. This also allows the upper ranked employees to get involved with the employees which is typically not found in a non OPEN organization.
  3. The MORE minds the BETTER.. OPEN organizations really emphasize the idea of team work and cohesion. By working together, not only will it be more EFFECTIVE but will also be EFFICIENT.
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