How Donald Trump Hijacked the Authenticity of the Web
David Weinberger

The present system is not sustainable the way it is. Almost all new income goes to the top 1%. Is that fair? Is it good economics? Isn’t it logical to try to preserve the middle class who has seen huge amounts of productivity but almost no increases in income for many years. What Bernie Sanders wants to do would actually benefit all people even those at the top by increasing the buying power of middle and lower income folks to keep the system afloat. The way it is now corporations and the super rich have been able to avoid taxes and receive special treatment through loopholes devised by clever lawyers and lobbyists. They make huge amounts of money and put it in offshore accounts out of circulation. That money could better be used to stimulate the economy and provide jobs rather than acting as a blockage in the money flow. Hillary or Trump will not change this! Bernie is the only one who would do anything about this problem and bring some sanity back into our government!

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