Feeling anxious and stuck inside?

You’re not alone. Here’s a list of free at-home workouts and meditations. Find balance in movement, and calm in your mind. Everything is free listed here. There’s something in here for everyone, from beginner to advanced. The workouts don’t require fancy equipment.

Glo — Yoga, meditation, and pilates classes. 9 free videos. The Fragmented & Anxious session is incredibly grounding.

CorePower — Yoga and mediation classes. 15 free videos.

BlackSwanYoga — Live-streamed yoga classes. Free.

CastleHill Fitness — Simple 16-minute at-home workout. Use dumbells or a cans of beans.

Yoga With Adrienne — She has hundreds of free YouTube yoga videos that focus on everything from anxiety to specific ailments like back pain.

Peloton — Don’t have the bike? That’s okay. Access their app for running, at-home workouts for yoga, stretching, strength, and more.They extended their free trial to 90 days.

Nike — Download their app to access hundreds of free workouts like HIIT for all levels, beginner to advanced.

Orange Theory — Daily 30-minute workout with no special equipment required.

10% Happier — My anxious and restless mind finds solace in meditation. 10% Happier is offering free live sanity breaks led by seasoned meditation practitioners.

Headspace — On their app, they have free mediations under the ‘Weathering the Storm’ section which include meditations, sleep, and movement exercises. Their sleep sounds are calming.

Teaching Mindfulness- More than 30 free mediations to ease an anxious mind.

Morning-thinker. Day-doer. Adventurer. Meditator. Aspiring Good Cook. Printed book reader. Principal @ M&F Ventures. Former Sr. Product Manager.

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