Join the #SWcolourcapture challenge!

Starting next Monday, 26th June, I am launching my #SWcolourcapture challenge.

“What’s that then?” I hear you ask. Well …

Every Sunday for 6 weeks, I will tell you what the week aheads’ colour will be. Your challenge is to take a photo of anything you see, that’s the same colour, in Streatham & Tooting.

It could be anything. Blue sky, hot pink lipstick, bright red post box, fresh green leaves, your new white trainers, your childs favourite teddy. Perhaps a local landmark or favourite shop sign. Or it could be an image from a favourite painting, book cover or illustration. The options are endless. It just has to be SW16/SW17 local.

Once you’ve taken your photo. Upload it onto Instagram Arting.About or Twitter Arting About SW16/SW17 using the hashtag #SWcolourcapture

“Why should I bother?” I hear you ask. Well …

Firstly, it’s fun! It’s also a chance to #becreative , & week by week we can share each others experiences of all that’s great, good & colourful in our beloved SW16 & SW17.

I really hope you can join in. You can post as little or as many photos as you like, it’s up to you. I’ll invite a few #localartists to help us out with some inspo at the beginning, then the rest is up to us.

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