Shallow was the man who..

You made a vow to a woman and her child..

Til death do you part, through sickness and in health, to love and to protect..


I was too shy to say hi, but “hi!” because I didn’t wana get slapped..

Bruises bigger than my hand, I didn’t wana stand!

I wanted to lay there and rot, please I rather be forgot..

These pills didn’t make the pain go away, Only made the devil on my shoulder want to stay..

Sick with a cough, you fucking yelling at me to stop!

You were just so mad, and all I wanted was a dad!

Wasted days with your screaming and yelling, inside I was constantly crying and dying..

Knocking on my skull like someone’s front door, only made me think of how much more I hated you!

Attempting to run away with a stranger, I didn’t give a fuck or think twice about the danger..

He thought he was disciplining me, he was plain out just abusing me!

I would never call myself an artist, but I finally found the courage to draw the line..

His final words in that one paged typed letter were because he still thought tough love was better..

He said how shallow I would be to leave this house.

Call me SHALLOW!

A vow means nothing because you did NOT love nor protect, All I felt was hate and neglect!