My week without fantasy football

Week 1 in the NFL was different for me this year. I wasn’t following the Jacksonville Jaguars’ second receiver or the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense. I didn’t have a reason to. I could watch the games as simply games, and not be hyper-focused on statistics. It was a breath of fresh air.

The reason for this? No fantasy football this year. And what a difference that makes.

Now, I’m not knocking fantasy football. I played it last year, and I play other fantasy sports too. But this August and September, as the clock ticked closer and closer to the start of the NFL season, I sat back, watched people complete mock drafts and real ones, and felt content not doing the same.

Sure, there were pros to fantasy football last year. It gave me a reason to watch teams like the Browns, Raiders and Titans play. And it provided me with the thrill of victory. But at the same time, it provided me with extra stress that in my fantasy-less years, I hadn’t dealt with. And it was something I could deal without. I could take it on. I can handle the intensity. But why do it if I don’t have to? As I Giants fan, I have enough intensity in my football life.

So I decided to deal without it. And as this past Sunday ended, I was fine with that. I could root for the outcomes I really wanted to happen. I didn’t have to worry about tight end A making this play or QB 1 throwing for an extra touchdown. I didn’t have to root for an Eagles or Cowboys player to do well. I could root for every Giants player to do well, not just focus on the guys on my fantasy team(s).

I guess you could say I’m back to reality now. But for me, being able to watch football with my team’s outcome my only worry is the true fantasy football.

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