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RACY, the social media content platform is a blockchain based platform where creators and production companies freely create their own videos, photos, goods, etc.

As mentioned before, in the RACY project, in addition to the RACY platform, various businesses such as NFT market, entertainment, IP business, and theme parks are being developed as separate businesses, and the RACY platform plays the most important role in linking them. Therefore, the platform model consists of four business models that support it.

Creator social media

Creator social media generates their own social media by creating accounts on the RACY platform for creators, influencer, planners, and producers.

Through this, you can upload your own content in the form of live streaming, recording streaming, photos, and blogs, and communicate with your fans through chat windows and comments. In Creator social media, creators can produce content in a total of four forms.

First, anyone can search on a public blog and view content registered by the creator, and the creator can upload his/her updates, content, events, and announcements in text, images, and videos. Users can view the creator’s information posted in this way and get information about registering for a monthly fee and purchasing single content, and creators with a weak fanbase in the beginning can register various content through open blogs to inform themselves.

Second, image content can be profitable by being posted in photos and photo shoots by creators, and monthly users and single content buyers can download them. The creator can open and disclose samples for each content as desired for the influx of single buyers and general users.

Third, creators can choose to open a streaming service for a monthly fee or free of charge, and can run their own content live or sell their digital goods or products linked to influencers in a live commerce format. In addition, they can edit their own video and upload it like YouTube, and register a short cut video of about 15 seconds.

Fourth, as for the user-requested production video, a fan who likes a creator can request a video production for himself or herself for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc., or a video for a gift from the creator.

There’s also a concept that allows users to deliver phrases and concepts they want from the creator, and the creator can produce videos of about 20 to 30 seconds to the user.

Creators can earn a variety of profits through monthly services that allow them to secure fans through Creator social media services and access their accounts on a monthly basis, single content sales, social media sponsorship, influencer sales, and user-requested video production.

In addition, in the NFT market linked to the RACY platform, you can mint your videos and images with NFT and sell them or sell licenses. You can earn separate profits through model links through the Sexy Influencer and Linked Girl described below.

Creators can set their content prices for everything related to this, and users can check this price and use the creator’s content.

RACY will also develop multimedia players that support VR, AR, and 360O in relation to videos so that creators can provide more diverse content to users.

Webpage: https://racy.world/index.html
Telegram: https://t.me/racy_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RacyOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@racyofficial0



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