Daimler’s Ethereum Experiment

I caught this article today about how Daimler has issued it’s first blockchain based bond — which is a pretty big step up from the other companies backing or at least interested in using Ethereum’s “Smart Contracts.” This indicates the actual usability of the technology beyond profit extracting ICO startups, which generally tend to pump up the perceived value of the tokens and then dump them when the time comes to cash in the investments — something we’ve recently seen happen to the infamous cryptocurrency and brainchild of Vitalik Buterin.

Daimler’s 100 Million Euro Ethereum Bond is Bigger than Mercedes-Benz

Now that the crypto bloodbath seems to have settled down — at least for a little while, how do you think this will effect Ethereum? Are you still holding any Ethereum or Ethereum Classic? I know I’ve got a little socked away for a rainy day, mainly because I didn’t short sell it when it was at it’s peak — even though I really should have.

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