Some say 2020 is the year of disasters. Others say it’s the year of change. To me, 2020 is the year of rage. In 2020, rage overtook the world, consuming us and hurling the leftovers against each other.

The right is angry with the left. The social distancers are angry with the beach-goers. The mask wearers are angry with the mask haters. The protesters are angry with the system.

Like a lid on a boiling pot, the lockdown intensified the pressure. …

And How It’s Not.

Masked protester in Oxford Street.
  1. Both masks and underwear exist to contain badness.
  2. Neither works 100%, but they’ll curb the worst of the spill.
  3. Don’t borrow someone else’s, no matter how cool it looks.
  4. Keep them on around strangers, unless you’ve both been tested.
  5. For both, cotton breathes better than polyester.
  6. If they don’t fit fit well, you’ll be chaffing.
  7. Wear them both when you visit grandma.
  8. They both stink at the end of the day.
  9. They’re both affordable.
  10. The lighter they are, the better you breathe.
  11. Adjusting them in public is a no-no.
  12. Covering your cold sores and droopy assets will make you more…

My honeymoon with Thailand ended yesterday.

We live in a condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Signs on every door warn: No Mask, No Entry. Most people comply. Some don’t. I ignore them unless they try to join me in the elevator. If they do, I wave them away. “Not without a mask, please.”

Yesterday, a tall farang (white person) I know well did the same. The man wanting in went berserk. He burst into the elevator punching and kicking. The farang responded in kind. Security came, then the police. …

This is the Thai’s government daily Covid update for May 20 2020 (2563 in Thai, since not only are they forward thinkers but they use the Buddhist calendar.)

Loose translation: On May 20, 2020, for a total population of almost 70 million people, Thailand had 3034 confirmed cases (+1 since the day before), 2888 recovered (+31 since the day before), 56 deaths (no change). The new case is a repatriated Thai citizen in state quarantine, like most new cases for weeks.

Per the European CDC, that brings Thailand to 44 confirmed cases per million, and 0.8 deaths per million. For…

PPE is a generic name for the protective covers professionals use to do their job, healthcare workers included. Welders use gloves and welding masks. Electricians use protection goggles, rubber boots and fall protection harnesses. Construction workers use helmers. Adult movie stars use condoms. For all, using PPE is mandatory, otherwise safety officers will throw them off the job.

Healthcare workers have their own specific PPE. Gloves and gowns, sometimes sterile, prevent contact transmitted diseases, like scabies and C. Diff. Diarrhea. N95 respirators are unique masks preventing the spread of airborne germs like TB. …

I roll in my bed, unable to sleep. I listen to BBC talk about the craziness that took over the world, preoccupied with this one question. What question? It’s not: “Why Corona?” For that, I already have more answers than I want.

Scientists say that COVID19 is an animal virus. It spread to humans from bats or pangolin due to close proximity in a seafood market, much like its older siblings SARS and MERS. Some well- informed people on Facebook told me that COVID19 is biological warfare sent by the Chinese to bring down the US. My Trump supporter friends…

A new sunrise

Much to everybody’s surprise and many people’s chagrin — remember Bernie? He’s got a lot of fans in the US, the White House, and even Russia — Joe Biden exploded into a victory that nobody predicted. He swept over states like they were candy and marched triumphally to become the SuperTuesday King. He did that with no expectations, no change in his message, very little money, and a juggernaut — Mike Bloomberg — who fizzled like a wet firecracker after spending more money than most of us can count.

Why? I think I have the answer. It’s basic human decency.

I’m glad you’re looking at a career in medicine. I hope you will be happy with your choice forever. To help you out, these are a few myths I wish somebody told me about when I was in your shoes.

1. You’ll be rich. You likely won’t. After two decades or so of med school and residency, you’ll be paying back student loans with exorbitant interests for a few more decades before you pocket what you make. That’s less and less each day. Expecting to get rich fast will make you bitter and disappointed instead of happy to care for…

Rada Jones MD MBA

Emergency Physician. Writer. Explorer. Writing to make the world a better place. Author of OVERDOSE, MERCY and POISON, all ER thrillers.

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