The Never-Ending List of a Creative

I’m not crazy but for realz — there are many many moments when I ask myself how come I’m not M’THR F’IN Wonder Woman. All 2016 long, I felt like we were gettin’ more and more behind because we were adding more and more rad to our plate. I kept thinking… dude, I can’t wait till 2017 so we can have a clean break, a fresh new start.

Almost two months in and I’m wondering — how come our list never gets shorter? How come it’s actually longer?! And now I know why. Because there is so much I want to do, so much more rad I want to create that there’s always gonna be a never-ending list of shit to do. My list will always be massively long and it will always feel endless.

The real question is — how do I not stress the M’THR F’IN out? Short answer — the answer everyone seems to preach — is balance. I agree, there needs to be balance. But dig deeper… I think it’s accepting that if you want to create a lot, do, see, be part of a lot… then the never-ending list can’t be something that stresses you out. The energy that feels like stress should actually be excitement.

So do it — flip the bitch and prioritize all you want to do, then go do it. ’Cause you got this. Go be you, go be M’THR F’IN badass. I plan to.

oxxo, Hen

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