Radar ION goes Mainnet

Your Lightning Network onramp, now with mainnet support

Mar 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Two weeks ago we launched Radar ION, your guide for joining the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

We launched ION on the Bitcoin testnet so that new users would have a sandbox to experiment with Lightning payments without risking any real money. Many took us up on that offer:

  • 1500+ users explored ION’s curated recommendations for wallets and apps
  • 300+ testnet bitcoin withdrawals have been initiated from our faucet

ION Wiki

ION Lightning Wiki is growing too, and now features articles on Lightning topics from setting up a Lightning node at home, connecting to Lightning with Tor, and bootstrapping channels to your node, to cutting-edge R&D like invoiceless payments, hold invoices, static channel backups, and atomic multi-path payments. Anyone can contribute!

ION News

ION News will release its first volume — featuring Lightning network stats, project announcements, reviews, and tutorials — very shortly. Get on the list to receive it!

Restless for #Reckless

By far the most common feedback we've received has been:

When will you have a guide for using real money on Mainnet?

We’re happy to announce that ION now supports Bitcoin Mainnet!

The updated mainnet guide includes:

  • A comprehensive wallet guide that summarizes Mainnet wallet options
  • A Mainnet node to quickly connect new users to the most popular apps
  • A list of apps that we’ve tested — and will continue to test — to guarantee you’ll have a good experience
  • Community resources to join the Lightning conversation
  • Developer tools to build on Lightning

If you want to experiment in the risk-free sandbox, just click the toggle to switch back to Testnet.

Onward and Upward

We can accelerate the growth of the Lightning Network toward its full potential by making it more accessible and getting more users and developers engaged and involved.

Look forward to regular updates, new Lightning Network tools and features in the coming weeks.

Have questions, comments, or recommendations?

Send us an email or chat with us on Telegram.

Visit ion.radar.tech.

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