I used to hate podcasts. Radiology, 3D printing, AR/VR are all perfect for us visual animals.

Why would you listen to a conversation when you can just watch it on Youtube? (By the way, I still think Clubhouse will fail.)

But in a pandemic, there are suddenly many lonely walks…

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To be able to imagine the dramatic change in a system that has existed for thousands of years, stepping away to see the bigger picture is necessary. One important but the overlooked word, “healthcare”, needs to be clearly defined first. Based on Wikipedia (i.e. crowdsourced definition), healthcare is the “maintenance…

Throughout history, advancements in science and technology invariably resulted in new societal power shifts. Because of technology, groups aggregated, and countries formed.

Similarly, as technology progresses, the challenges posed by cultural differences, language barrier, and physical distance are now disappearing. The birth rate is dropping in the developed countries, and…

J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference attracts thousands of healthcare startups and investors from all over the world to San Francisco each January and is possibly one of the most impactful healthcare technology investment forums in the world. The city is overwhelmed with a slew of startup founders, investors, and service providers, each…

This year 3DHEALS have organized about 38 local and global events and shared more than 550+pieces of news on social media, and more than 1400+ photos and videos about our universe on Instagram. Out of all these, 3DHEALS team has picked the following news in 2018 to be revisited.


When the co-founders of Airbnb first approached Paul Graham (a famous Silicon Valley VC who co-founded Y Combinator), they were right out rejected from the accelerator program. However, after Paul heard the story about how the team survived on money generated from selling boxes of cereal during the Obama/McCain campaign…

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A lot of unicorn startups don’t have the flashiest keywords.

At a cocktail party, if someone introduces themselves as a software developer for a payroll company, you probably will think, “that’s really boring!” and will probably try to figure out how to survive the next five minutes of small talk. But what if that company is called Gusto, one of the fastest growing HR company in the valley, officially in the billion-dollar valuation? This company is probably replacing a lot of recumbents and traditional jobs.

Think about the words “accounting”, “records”, “tooling”, etc. Super “boring” words that are probably not trending on Google. These nonetheless represent industries with trillion-dollar potential that few people are chasing after.

Perhaps, focusing on the most “unsexy” application is the way to go.

3D Printing is “sexy”, braces, hearing aids are not, but that’s where unicorns were born.

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It is really a choice of perspectives.

Vinod Khosla once said, “not all difficult problems are valuable, but all valuable problems will be difficult.” The argument for “regulation” in healthcare is obvious: public safety. …

(TWO CENTS — from My Desktop to Yours, Weekly from Jenny Chen)

What Does Steve Madden and Puff Daddy have in Common?

(TWO CENTS — from My Desktop to Yours, Weekly from Jenny Chen)

You don’t have to belong to anything to be successful.

This week’s little blurb was inspired…

Chinese Gong

When I was young, both of my parents worked, and no one can ever attend my school’s “demo day”. This is where the school will show off student progress by public lectures to the parents.

But one day, my mother shared an exciting news that she would attend my “demo…

Jenny Chen, M.D.

Founder/CEO, 3DHEALS, Investor in Emerging Tech in Healthcare

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