Continuous integration, delivery and deployment have been around for a few years, but companies can be slow to make the switch. I want to share, from my experience, why it’s hard but very much worth the effort to get into a continuous delivery mindset.

You can exponentially improve the time it takes to get code to customers, but you have to invest time now to improve for the future. It’s definitely not an immediate fix, but one that all online software & ecommerce companies should move towards — then we’ll all benefit from better software in the end.

A crash course on continuous delivery

“Getting better…

Customer service on twitter is a different ball game to phone and email support. For one your responses are open for the world to see. Customers can publicly slate you and you only have 140 characters to explain your side of the story. Some user’s reach is enormous, and they could easily spread their message about your perceived poor service to thousands, or even millions, of people very quickly.

Now I’ve spread the doom and gloom a little, let me see if I can help alleviate your worries.

The first thing is to see social media as a way to…

Are we getting the best price when we shop around online or do we merely think we are?

Big data is the next big thing that we don’t yet fully understand. It’s like the term ‘digital’ was back in the 90’s. We knew it was important, we knew it was powerful but we hadn’t really understood its full potential. As some companies scramble to understand what Big Data means and what they can do with it, smart retail conglomerates are already exploiting it to their advantage… The’re going to charge you more for that next tablet computer or office chair…

This is quite a bold claim but there are some good reasons why learning to use the keyboard more efficiently will be a massive boost to your productivity.

I’ve been learning better keyboard skills (and I don’t just mean touch typing) for the last few months. Indeed I’m still going but I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experiences since I’m rattling through my daily workload so much faster now — and we could all use some help there right?

Trying to pack more into your day

We’re all leading busier lives, faster lives and trying to do more things than ever before. Computers…

Rad Dougall

Geek translator, tech lover, spreadsheet maker. I play photographer sometimes & love food.

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