Significantly improving your models doesn’t take much time — Here’s how to get started

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Tuning neural network models is no joke. There are so many hyperparameters to tune, and tuning all of them at once using a grid search approach could take weeks, even months. Learning rate is a hyperparameter you can tune in a couple of minutes, provided you know how. …

Is it the best code editor for Python and Data Science?

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Are you struggling to find an optimal code editor for Python programming and data science? You’re not alone. There’s a ton of options to choose from — both free and paid — and today I’ll show you my favorite free one.

It’s Visual Studio Code — a completely free code…

From data gathering and preparation to model training and evaluation — Source code included

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Deep learning is everywhere. From sales forecasting to segmenting skin diseases on image data — there’s nothing deep learning algorithms can’t do, given quality data.

If deep learning and TensorFlow are new to you, you’re in the right place. This article will show you the entire process of building a…

It was my best month yet, by a lot.

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September 2021 is behind us. It was my best month on Medium so far. As a result, I decided to start a new series in which I share lessons learned, followers gained, and money earned for the past month. …

Why, when, and how — Learn assert statements in Python right now.

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Being an interpreted and dynamically-typed language, Python has a bad reputation for unexpected and hard-to-track bugs. The assert statement could save you a nerve or two. It’s a go-to way of catching things that shouldn’t happen early on, most likely at the beginning of a function.

It’s a simple boolean…

Could this free Markdown-based tool replace PowerPoint? Yes, but there’s a catch.

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Do you find PowerPoint annoying? Me too. It can be laggy at times and has an overwhelming number of options. If you’re in the market for something simpler, today’s your lucky day. Marp might be the right tool to save you time and nerves.

It’s a Visual Studio Code extension…

From data gathering and preparation to model training and evaluation — Source code included.

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Deep learning is kind of a big deal these days. Heck, it’s even a requirement for most data science jobs, even entry-level ones. There’s no better introductory lecture than regression. …

Does it have the edge over the browser version? A hands-on installation guide and review.

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The most popular data science IDE just got better. The days of launching JupyterLab through the terminal are thankfully over, as the desktop version was released weeks ago. Yes, you read that right — you can now install JupyterLab as a desktop application on any OS. …

And how to train neural networks on M1 GPU — Source code included

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The M1 chip is a remarkable piece of technology. Nothing really comes close if you consider the efficiency and the form factor. Still, almost a year since launch, installing and managing Python packages feels harder than it should.

No library gave developers so much headache as TensorFlow.

TensorFlow has been…

Stream chat data by writing Kafka Producer and Consumer from scratch.

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In a world of big data, a reliable streaming platform is a must. Apache Kafka is the way to go.

Today’s article will show you how to work with Kafka Producers and Consumers in Python. You should have Zookeeper and Kafka configured through Docker. …

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