How I define personal success

I think that personal success is very easy to describe. It is a positive feeling from a job well done. I think that putting in a solid effort, whether or not it brings about the desired outcome, can be a personal success if your best effort went into it.

With this definition, it is hard to measure your success. There are no numbers that can say you think you did a good job or not. It would be measured by your own sense of self.

I know when I have achieved personal success when I feel more than satisfied with a job. Knowing that I put all of myself into a project, knowing that there was nothing more I could do, knowing that I tried my hardest that is how I know I achieved personal success.

Last semester, I was in the PR Campaigns class. My group and I had taken on a lot of work to complete our project. I finished the semester out knowing there was nothing more I could have done to enhance our campaign or fix our presentation. I was more than happy with the ideas we came up with and am happy to bring my campaign book into a job interview to showcase what I can do.

I really like the article “The Value of Favors.” I think that Social Capital is a great thing, and that living in a strong community knowing there are some people that you can call on is comforting. To have the community, you need to be willing to give, and if we are all open to giving, then we will all live better lives. Giving not only helps someone else, but it also increases your quality of life. We live in a cash in-cash out society, which is great, but I think there is something refreshing about being able to call in a favor. In the other article, Why Giving is the Best Metric for Success, it made me think of some other organizations I know about. Northwestern Mutual for instance, requires all of its employees to complete so many community service hours a year. Wisdom, Wonder, Well Being, and Giving seem much more important to everyone than how many dollars a company is making. Everyone should be out to make the best world possible, and if large companies can make a big difference, than we can get closer to a better world quicker.

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