Mind blowing concepts of car user interfaces

While those look gorgeous, as UI designer and all-digital guy I had that gut feeling that its not buying me. Thinking out loud: touch user interfaces require a lot more attention because surface is flat, therefore eliminating precious tactile information buttons contain (shapes, pressure sensitivity, grip…), also kinda feel noisy, clogged with functionality, attention grabbing, as someone mentioned. While this concept works for mobile devices, where gestures are followed by simulation of reality, on car, there will be a huge gap between action and reality (just think of sliding on touchscreen to open window, daaamn). One last thing, stronger cars have masculinity label attached, just like cigarettes in 50s and other marketing & psychology rubbish. I still get pissed from parking sensors blip blip: OKAY YOU SHUT UP I AM A MAN. I understand that this is pretty much the future, but I will fucking miss revving, manual transmission, burning tires and other humanly irrational stuff ❤

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