Do not Sketch to Come up with Ideas for Design

In the Futur’s stylescapes tutorial video, I like how Jose Caballer phrased the whole idea of what graphic design really is. He phrased it as not sketching and coming up with ideas from scratch, but to understabd that all the design ingredients are oht there in the world and our job is just to gather these ingredients to cook up a new and effective piece of design. To understand what he means by it we must first accept the fact that there is no such thing as originality in this world. Every single idea has been thought of before and every single design has been made before. What matters is context in which you place the design onto that makes it “original”. To digest this fact, you can watch the short film, “Everything is a remix” where this guy collates all the famous movies that you love and break them down into similar storyline templates. That short film will blow your mind.

So now we've accepted the fact that everything is done before and there isnothing that is really new unless it is new technology. How does this relate to sketching vs gathering ingredients?

Well in the Futur’s video on stylescapes, Jose mentioned that he did not necessarily sketch out his ideas. He literally just gathered images, designs and finished products that have the look and feel that he wanted the end product of his own project to have. He literally said that he was gathering ingredients to cook up the design. He did this because he was putting up a moodboard to send to a designer that is going to make the stylescape for him. The advantage of this is that it took him less time than if he had sketched out udeas onto paper himself and send to the designer to say “make the design like this,” because what a professional designer like Jose knows is that, he doesn't need to sketch out to find ideas, because he knows that the idea has already been executed before and its out there in the world. And there is also a possibility that other people's execution of the design idea is way better compared to if he were to sketch it out himself.

Don't sketch to find ideas.

You come up with great ideas by putting a few executions together. Coming up with ideas from scratch (sketching) is very difficult because there is always the “what if” of this has been done before. So accept the fact that your idea has been done before and you judt have to find it. Gather all the ingredients and the inspiration that you are aiming for for your final product.

Sketching is for another purpose.

To come up with great ideas you have to put two or more good ideas together. It is the mixture and combination of great ideas that make up new and innovative ones. Sketching helps to manifest those idea combinations and make it tangible. Sketch to manifest, not to find out what your ideas are. The ideas are already out there, you just have to find it.

So the whole process goes like this. You get the brief of the design project, you imagine the final product, you source out the ingredients for the final product, you sketch out to make it tangible, and finally you cook it up and render it to look like a final product.

That's how to use my opinion. Do whatever you wanna do I’m not a cop lol.