How long does a logo design take?

This question revolves around the group of small business owners and have been mind-boggling them for quite a while. The straight-forward answer to that question is, it depends. Now I know that’s not the answer that you’re looking for but you really have to take into consideration a lot of factors (and I’m going to list them here) in order to accurately estimate how much time a logo design project takes. Let’s dive right in.

1. The Skill level of the Designer

You have to ask, has the designer done this sort of project before? If you found out about them through their online portfolio then they most likely have done logo designs for companies millions of times. If they’re experienced with this, you can expect a solid logo design process from them. Meaning they know what they’re doing and they know the necessary steps to be taken in order for a good logo design to be produced. An example of a solid process is that you can expect faster meetings and a carefully orchestrated series of questions. They know what questions to ask you so that they can extract information about the business that is going to be very valuable to them in their logo design decision making. Also since professionals are experienced in this, they are going to be able to make decisions faster because they’ve done it before.

If your designer is a student, has never done this before or have done it a few times but still unsure about their process, you can expect a longer project duration because they don’t have a solid process. It’ll take a longer time for them to make design decisions as it puts a lot of stress on them, logo design is a big responsibility for a business.

Bottom line for this factor is, if you work with a professional, it’ll take less time.

2. Communication

Can both parties communicate effectively? During preliminary discussions, this is before the designer starts sketching the final product, can you communicate with your designer well, and also vice versa? Both the business owner and the designer should be on the same page on goals and the idea of what the logo can look like. You’re going to be asked a series of questions about your business goals, target audience and also your ambitions. The designer is going to do research on different styles according to the answers that you give them. So if you give them the wrong idea, miscommunication is going to happen and everything’s chaos. Both parties must communicate effectively. This isn’t just a job of saying the truth, it is also a job of listening and understanding each other. Both parties should e on the same page before advancing to the next step of the designer’s process. It’ll prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications which will in turn save a lot of time.

3. Trust level

Trust level is very important. If you don’t trust your logo designer, then you have to communicate with them. If they’re not responding, then something’s up, cancel the project because you can’t be letting someone you don’t trust design your company’s logo, it’s a huge responsibility.

The key to developing trust is communication.

The designer has to communicate with you and vice versa often, the relationship has to be built. Trust also comes from letting your designer do their thing. If you hire a professional, they are going to know what they are doing and you should leave them to their space, don’t keep prompting them to update you on the design, follow their process, they are going to update you a few times, on this day, on this day and this day and you let them do their thing. As a designer, you do your thing, running the business and all that and you leave designing the logo to me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you trust your designer, you won’t waste any time on doubts.

4. Number of revisions

Revisions are complicated because design is a subjective matter. Different logo designers are going to see different effectiveness levels in different logo designs, it’s just how it is. The designer should charge more if the business owner wants to make changes in the design.

By right,

the professional is going to give you the most effective solution for your business in the final logo.

Any adjustment or tweaks will either ruin the effectiveness or change the logo’s personality entirely.

However if your designer agrees with your revision idea, because they’ve overlooked a design flaw, then it shouldn’t be a problem for them to slightly adjust the final product.

This goes back to trust. Trusting your logo design to do their job and trusting their design decisions.

If the business owner trusts the designer, there shouldn’t be any revisions

because the designer is going to know what design is effective, unless the business owner has a strong background in logo design, they can’t tell the designer which logo design is more effective.

Also, adding on to that, the logo designer shouldn’t be giving options for the business owner to choose from. If the designer is giving you options to choose from, they’re making you do the work. Without logo design expertise, making you do the design decision-making is just wasting time. The logo designer should know which design is going to help the business out the most, because they are the professional and it is their job to do the decision making, not the business owner.

Bottom line,

the lesser the revisions, the faster.

Assuming that all these factors go well (which is highly doubtful) You’re working with a professional, you can communicate with the designer very well, you trust them and their design decisions, it’ll take a MINIMUM of 3.5 weeks for a good logo design to be completed.

However you shouldn’t be worried about how long it takes.

Logo designs are an important responsibility as it visually represents your company for a very long time.

Things that are made to last should not be made in a rush,

or else, it would be a really crap end product. Don’t worry about how long it takes, if you trust that your designer is capable for the job, you’ve got nothing to worry about.